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Meet The Founder and CEO

“Woman of Distinction in the field of Beauty and Skincare,”

Patricia Laguda Tam an accolade conferred by a Filipino-American award-giving body in California to revolutionary beauty maven, Patricia Odette Laguda Tam, the Founder and CEO of Vince Jacob Advanced Aesthetics in Newport Beach, California, and now, also the Vince Jacob Skincare Global. 

Patricia Odette, an achiever in the field of medicine who, even after completing two bachelor’s degrees with flying colors – both in Nursing and in Biology – propelled herself to further heights by becoming a licensed and extensively trained esthetician through the globally-renowned American Board of Aesthetic Medicine in San Diego, California. 

Leveraging on her Filipino-Chinese heritage and a natural flair for business, Patricia Odette combined this with her medical expertise, successfully launching Vince Jacob Advanced Aesthetics in Newport Beach, California in 2019. Her clinic stands out for its expert care that extends even to cancer patients, founded on Patricia’s experience with a dear friend who was discriminated against by another skincare clinic for being a cancer patient.  

Today we meet another facet of Patricia’s resplendent persona; a formulating genius with a heart, through Vince Jacob Beauty Skincare Global, a project that has stemmed from her own issues then as a young girl, battling with acne for countless years. Through the Vince Jacob Skincare Global line, Patricia combines science and medicine to come up with excellent beauty products that understand the needs of customers, through lovingly, hand-picked ingredients formulated with to provide only the best possible results. 

Founder and CEO: About Us
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